Project Description

The Brief

All In Events is a limited entry prize and competitions business that aims to let poker players of all levels realise their dreams at a fraction of the cost.

The Brief

Look: Representative of the All In Triangle, Modern, Wealth, Luck and happiness.

Preferred colours: Red & Black.

Must: Be easily replicated on merchandise such as t-shirts, bags and hats.

The Logo

This concept focuses on the signifying the nature of the businesses characteristics and the brands offerings. The main symbol on the logo represents the “all-in” triangle that would be placed on the poker table when a player wants to go all-in. This symbol plays an important part of the overall concept for the All-In Events market. The logo has been designed to be easily replicated onto any physical marketing materials and merchandise that may be Produced. The logo is designed to be recognisable with or without the use of the symbol.





Other concepts created during the process…

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