Project Description

The Brief

Different Edge offer unique training in leadership and management skills.

Look: Bold, clean, vibrant, Ok with dark colours, bit gritty, edgy.

The Logo

A company culture is a set of values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours which all effect people’s work habits and how everyone interacts with one-another. But a company culture isn’t just about caring for your employees and having them care for customers. It’s about answering question like, “why do you do what you do? What do you believe? How can you be most impactful?” This concept focuses on the notion of people improving themselves (”i”) in-order to be able to work well with others.

Communication plays a vital role in management and training. Speech bubbles/dialogue balloons/word balloons are the ideal symbol for communication. They have positive associations and you’re also subtly reminded of community.

The logo has also been designed to be easily replicated onto any physical marketing materials and merchandise that may be produced.





Other concepts generated in the process…

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